Celebration of Light 2013: United Kingdom and Canada

The first show of the season, by the United Kingdom on Saturday the 27th, was quite good. Not great, though: I’ve got the same complaint as with Team Mexico’s show a couple years ago, and that’s the fireworks display seemed too tied to the music. I’m not 100% sure, mind you, but there were a number of repetitive parts that weren’t very exciting visually, and I assume that’s what was going on. Music-wise, from what I could see, it seemed to be a tribute to James Bond. There was the theme from Goldfinger, plus another Bond flick which I can’t recall right now. Still, it had lots of good moments.






(More photos here)

I wasn’t really planning to go to Canada’s show on Wednesday the 31st because it was after volleyball, and I’d be tired and I’d have to face not only the crowds, but also driving home around 9. To my place in the West End. In the West End that was 80% closed to cars because of the fireworks, and only had a few points of entries for gas-powered vehicles. But I got invited by a couple of friends, and after vball I found I had more energy than I thought, so off I went.

(And then I couldn’t find them and for some reason my phone didn’t have coverage so I could neither call nor message. Maybe it’s my carrier, maybe it’s the massive crowds, or both.)

So that was annoying, but I had a good view so I decided to stay. I’m glad I did, because it was phenomenal! No repetitive parts, clever visual effects that I’d never seen before, gorgeous use of colours, I loved every bit of it!