Vancouver Queer Film Festival Review: The Coast is Queer

A wide selection of truly amazing shorts! Ranging from 1 to 10–12 minutes in length, they cover the gamut from silly to sexy to dead serious. I am always amazed at the amazing filmmakers that call Vancouver home.

A wide selection of truly amazing shorts! Ranging from 1 to 10–12 minutes in length, they cover the gamut from silly to sexy to dead serious. I am always amazed at the excellent filmmakers that call Vancouver home.

Treviano e la Luna

What do you get when you mix bears, opera, coffee and tips on facial grooming? This latest offering by Clark Nikolai is far more ambitious than his previous work (like last year’s silent short Lord Cockworthy) in content, style and camera work, but just as naughty and hilarious. Also, from what little I know the Italian dialog does match the subtitles, so bonus points there!

PS: Treviano e la Luna earned Clark the inaugural GayVancouver.Net Coast is Queer award, celebrating local queer filmmakers!

A Rendezvous

What looks like an awkward first date between two shy women is revealed to be something very different, as they jump together off a rooftop. This was an odd and disturbing film, with no obvious queer content, but I don’t believe that’s necessary to be included in the Queer Film Fest!

Sanity for Beginners

This short, written and directed by, and starring Jan Derbyshire, tells us that sanity isn’t as clear-cut as some professionals think. Again, no actual queer content, which just speaks to the diversity of our queer cinema!

The Other Mother

Pregnancy is a stressful time. It’s just as stressful when your partner’s pregnant, you’re unemployed and you have to choose between gainful employment or following your passion. A funny and touching look at lesbian parenting, and choices everyone has to make, lesbian or not. As a skeptic, I also liked the little digs at New-agey magical thinking. But since things worked out for the best, who knows? Maybe the universe really is looking out for our heroines.

Sunday Morning

Sometimes, you can’t just let go of your old community. And you shouldn’t ask your lover to do it either. An ex-priest, kicked out of his church, and his new lover, argue about why he should still be friendly with some of his old parishioners. Just because the church hierarchy doesn’t want him, that doesn’t negate the fact that (a) he loved his calling, and the kids under his charge, and (b) the kids themselves miss him and want him back.

In The Middle

A woman has to choose between two lovers, one male (and abusive, I think), one female. Which way will she go?


A simple little film about a woman dumping her boyfriend for an androgynous woman. Quick, sweet, and to the point.

Hooked Up (Reunion)

A young man realises his latest hookup was actually a guy who bashed him in the past. His revenge? Take discreet webcam shots of the two of them making out, then post them on the Web. Creepy and scary, and the only short this year to deal with a really serious topic like bashing.

Insert Credit

Queer nerds represent! This gorgeous animated short by David Nguyen, is an autobiography in the style of an old-school side-scrolling console game: dealing with high school crap, trying to connect with his father, moving to Vancouver, fighting mooses and laser-beam-shooting maple leaves, and finding true close friends.

Insert Credit earned David the Gerry Brunet Memorial Award. Congratulations!

Supa Stition

A funky drag-themed house music video by Michael Venus. The music’s not really my cup of tea, but it was pretty fun.

Freewheel and Fixie

Free-form poetry put to video, celebrating Vancouver’s queer cyclists and the bike culture.

Queers in Canoes

This ultra-short film is about… well, queers in canoes. Shot on a camping trip then later edited and released to hilarious effect. Starring Jen Crothers as the screaming woman in the canoe.


What to get your boyfriend for your one year anniversary? Flowers and candy just won’t do, you need to think outside the box! A sweet little comedy that left me smiling.

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