Vancouver Queer Film Festival Review: The Coast Is Queer

I had to cancel going to a barbecue for this, but fortunately The Coast Is Queer did not disappoint!

I had to cancel going to a barbecue for this, but fortunately The Coast Is Queer did not disappoint!

bend in the river (or falling in time)

Starring Nelson Wong, who appears in a number of these shorts. An obnoxious but cute ESL teacher gets to know his hot student, all the while trying to correct his grammar and pronunciation. The film ends just as they’re about to make out.


When her girlfriend puts up cute videos of her chubby cat on YouTube, an aspiring actress has to deal with jealousy and the cat stealing all her parts. Wouldn’t you hate it if your cat became more famous than you?


A funny little short about a teen who comes out to his parents, and accepts the pill they give him to make him not gay. Turns out the pills were a placebo, and he ends up making out with his cute math tutor.

The Gesture

An elderly mother visits the lesbian daughter she once cut off. But her daughter’s out, so she spends the film awkwardly talking to her partner. Mother and daughter only meet at the very end, and we’re left wondering if this simple gesture will be the start of a true reconciliation.

Random Acts of Queerness

A brief look back at the Pride in Art / Queer Arts Festival. I was especially moved by the story of the teenagers who learned not to laugh at the gay-bashing exhibit.

Laid To Rest

A simple, moving spoken / poetry piece by a transsexual former prostitute, about her life and the lives of her sisters in the trade.


Turns out putting together an all-butch Barbra Streisand tribute band is hard. Who knew? Also: it was kind of odd and beautiful to listen to a butch dyke sing Streisand songs. With an amazing voice, I might add.

I’ve Got You Under My Spell

A fun little karaoke number of a sexy love spell. Catchy, but not really that special otherwise.

Coffee Club

This is my second time seeing this film, the first being at the premiere of The Beast of Bottomless Lake a few weeks ago. Sorry to say, it still doesn’t work for me. I totally get what David C Jones was going for—a satirical look at self-righteous gays who fly their victim flag high—but, no. Joking about gay-bashing is not okay.


I’d heard the old wives’ tale that having an orgasm when you get impregnated helps you conceive. (I think it’s that the muscular contractions push the sperm further into the uterus so they don’t have so far to swim). So have you ever wanted to see that in action? Well, personally I didn’t, but I got to see everything last night. Seriously. Everything. It was sweet, really, but way TMI.

Lord Cockworthy

And so we end the evening with another piece by Clark Nicolai (the same guy responsible for Galactic Docking). In this silent-film piece, Lord Cedric Cockworthy is out with his chums enjoying the countryside, when he gets assaulted by a satyr. Silly and naughty, and extra points for an original format.