Vancouver Queer Film Festival Review: Beautiful Rejects

A few short films on the theme of love and rejection.

A few short films on the theme of love and rejection.

I’m In The Mood For Love

A singing telegram in a restaurant to try to win your ex back? The singer was way cute and had a lovely voice, but the film was so-so. Nice hat, though!


A teddy bear becomes a symbol of a failed relationship. I’m not sure what I should read from the subtext: did Neil really want to keep the teddy bear? Would keeping it mean that he and his ex (Peter?) really were through? Or that he’d have no more reason to visit New Zealand? I’ll tell you, though, I did get emotional when I saw the teddy sitting all alone at the train station!

A Dragged-Out Affair

The first rule of drag is: drag queens do not fall in love with each other! In this pants-wettingly hilarious film, two queens from rival clubs fall for each other and start a war between their respective clans. Slapfights, hyper-stylised dance-offs, hilarity and arson ensue. Also, I learned how drag queens make love. It apparently involves locks and keys and feathers.

Single Mother

Another bit of over-the-top silliness. Our unnamed hero wants to have a child so badly he’ll do almost anything—nannying, adoption. But is he destined to go through increasingly weird dreams of babies just out of reach? Will our hero ever find a child to love, or will a hunky father move in next door and start a family with him? Oh, sorry, did I just spoil it?

Go-Go Reject

Skinny geeks represent! Daniel dreams of being a go-go dancer, but no club will hire him because he’s too skinny. Undaunted, he puts together his own dance troupe of skinny guys and shows everyone that sexy comes in all sizes.

(Although let’s face it, the actors are only skinny compared to the usual buff go-go boys. I still appreciate the message!)